Deli and Desserts


Panini made with a rustic bread, made in house daily. Fior di latte’s paninis are always stuffed with the best italian ingredients: prosciutto, mortadella and pancetta (the italian bacon)

FDL Caramel slice

Caramel slice with a twist! Full of flavour, a little bit salty and with a crumbly base. We have made our own version of a legend dessert.


Our selection of cakes and slices it’s a mix of Italian and Kiwi dessert: you can find a modern tiramisu, the cheesecake or the evergreen carrot cake.


Classic cannoli with ricotta and pistachios are well known desserts. You can find them in 2 different sizes, small and classic, and in 3 variants: classic, chocolate and nutella.

Scones and Muffins

Our selection of café baked goods prepared on daily basis. For the aficionados of a nice and tasty scone or a flavorsome muffin.


European croissant, baked daily. Try them plain, with Nutella or our jam!