Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is gelato

The gelato guy

In the heart of Waikato, in the top corner of Hamilton there is Fiordilatte Gelato and Cafe’.

We are serving authentic Italian products. From gelato to our classic focaccias, our best paninis and the gorgeous brioches and cakes! And don’t forget the great barista coffee, made with selected beans to satisfy your palate

Fior di Latte

Fiordilatte means “The flower of the milk” and is the most authentic Italian gelato flavour. Decadent, pure and delicious, Fiordilatte is the main flavour of a True Italian gelateria.

Panino alla Mortadella

Panino is one of the most known Italian product in the world: soft, warm and full of flavour. One of our classic version has Mortadella with pistachios in it. So good that you will ask for more


It means “fast”. This is a type of coffee made for people who didn’t had time to sit at the table to enjoy a full meal. Espresso was made to start the day with a kick of caffeine and a rich taste of the most beautiful coffee blend.